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Mission - to improve the quality of living by providing the community a place where families can play with their kids; and, where friends and neighbors will want to come and unwind from their busy lives.

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Dover PRIDE'S vision is to encourage neighbors and families to spend time together by providing them a clean and safe environment to meet and play.

  • Dover PRIDE is a fast growing committee that is making a positive impact on the Dover community.  What started with a couple friends seeing the need to upgrade the aging playground on the Dover Community Center grounds grew into a group of volunteers tagged with the name “playground committee”.  In Spring 2013, through the Kansas PRIDE Program, the “playground committee” formally became Dover PRIDE. We’re excited that having just completed our first year as a Kansas PRIDE community, Dover PRIDE has achieved Community of Excellence! Dover PRIDE is a community minded group of people committed to continuing Dover’s proud heritage and small town rural atmosphere.
  • Dover PRIDE is affiliated with the Dover Community Center Board and has  501(c)(3) non-profit status, which means that donations are fully tax-deductible (depending on your individual tax situation).
  • Dover PRIDE is The Kansas PRIDE Program is a partnership of K-State Research and Extension, the Kansas Department of Commerce, and Kansas PRIDE, Inc.
  • Dover PRIDE is actively seeking donations/grants/funding to build a new playground on the Dover Community Center grounds. Donations can be mailed to Dover PRIDE Treasurer, Sandy Atwood at 12930 SW 89th Street, Auburn, Kansas 66402. All checks should be made out to Dover PRIDE.
  • Spring 2015, Dover PRIDE was awarded a Partners in PRIDE (PIP) grant (one-to-one match) to do improvements to the current outside basketball court located at the Dover Community Center.  The Dover PRIDE committee those this project because it would complement Dover PRIDE'S main project to build a new playground project and would fit into its goal and mission to enhance the health and welfare of the community.  The maximum amount of grant funding was $2,000 per project.  Total cost of the basketball court project is $1089.00 for which Dover PRIDE received $509.00.
  • Follow Dover PRIDE'S activities on our FaceBook page: Inquiries can also be messaged through our FaceBook page.

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